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Integrated Night Vision System

If you believe that “There is no vision without light”, then you must agree that the more light you add to your surveillance system, the better the odds are of seeing what you are looking for.
This simple adage is what provided the impetus for Katz-Eye LLC to develop the Katz-Eye surveillance mission package and introduce it to the military,
para-military and commercial markets.
The human ability to see in low light conditions (nighttime) currently revolves around three advanced technologies:

Image intensification

Magnifies the amount of received photons from various natural sources through the use of night vision goggles (NVGS).


Active illumination

Couples the image intensification technology (NVGS) with an active source of illumination (Katz-Eye) in the near infrared or short wave infrared band.


Thermal imaging

Detects the temperature difference between background and foreground objects through the use of thermographic cameras.

The Katz-Eye mission pack combines two of these advanced technologies ( image intensification in the form of a powerful infrared led light emitter & active illumination in the form of a 3rd generation white phosphor optical ); and offers thermal imaging as an option, to bring maximum value and affordability to night time covert surveillance.

Benefits of the Leonardo Terrestrial Active Illumination equipment contained in the Katz-Eye mission pack
  • Latest led technology
  • Low acquisition cost
  • Extensive reliability
  • Low-power consumption
  • Single unit / dual-mode
  • Mil-spec qualification
benefits of the nvd ultra lite bnvd image intensification equipment contained in the katz-eye mission pack
  • 3rd gen white phosphor technology
  • Low acquisition cost
  • Extensive reliability
  • Low-power consumption
  • Dual tube (stereo) optical
  • Mil-spec qualification
benefits of the optional leonardo thermal imaging equipment offered with the katz-eye mission pack
  • State-of-the art technology
  • Network capability
  • Data logging
  • Low-power consumption
  • Uncooled
  • Mil-spec qualification

Any combination of the three surveillance technologies listed above is industry defined as “Integrated Night Vision”.

Integrated night vision systems (INVS), also called fused night vision, combine image output from two or more different types of night vision sensors into one composite, or fused image. A fused image takes advantage of the strengths of each type of sensor.

Katz-eye has coupled a night vision optical sensor with terrestrial active illumination to enhance the surveillance results as compared to any individual sensor.

The optical sensor provides an image of the surrounding environment under low-light conditions, while the terrestrial infrared illumination emitter magnifies the low-light condition for more in-depth detection.

When optionally combined with the offered thermal sensor, the Katz-Eye system is not only the most sophisticated night vision mission pack available today but also provides this sophistication in a man-portable, lightweight single unit.

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