Katz-Eye LLC
30 North Gould Street
Sheridian, WY 82801 USA



Katz Eye LLC is an American company headquartered in Sheridan, Wyoming. The company, started by a group of engineers with a background in aerospace, was created with the specific purpose of responding to requests from customers looking for a ground-based variant of an airborne searchlight that we had previously installed on commercial and military aircraft. Customers loved the functionality and the ruggedness of the airborne unit, but wanted a unit that their ground -patrols could use for everything from border patrol to maritime protection.
Working hand in hand with the Italian defense contractor Leonardo S.p.a., the Katz-Eye team developed a mil-spec solution that incorporated the dual mode LED/IR searchlight into a field ready mobile man-pack. Designed to be mobile, rugged and deployable in the field for extended periods, the result of our collaboration was the Katz-Eye.
Field tested and battle proven, the man pack has proven highly successful with customers. All the key components in the man-pack are Mil-Spec standard and our engineering teams have made these units with the end user’s requirements in mind.
Katz-Eye’s corporate strategy is build it tough and do it right! Our engineering team, some of whom have a military and law enforcement background, know that reliability in the field is critical and this is reflected in each and every Katz-Eye that comes off the production line. Every man-pack undergoes extensive pre-delivery testing and all man-packs include an extended warranty program that reflects our team’s confidence in our products.
The team at Katz-Eye works with a range of customers, both large and small, and has even created customized man-packs to reflect some user’s specific requirements. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we will be more than happy to assist you in any way we can.